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Welcome to One Dollar Lotto Bakery website online shopping, we are committed to supplying you the freshest and the most delicious products. All steps in the production are monitored strictly, abiding by consumer data safety and confidentiality, you can have peace of mind in shopping here. To protect your rights and interests, please read the shopping procedure and notice, and fully understand the content and agree to the notice of our shopping website, when you order, pay, consume or carry out related acts you are considered having understood and agree to the terms and trade of shopping here.


1. Purchase qualification

Membership to our website is required to place orders, this website provides purchase order inquiry, exclusive member benefits such as dividend, bonus points, electronic wallet etc.


In order to become our diamond member to enjoy the exclusive membership discount, please click [Become a Member], upon successful registration, a system generated reply [Successful membership notice] will be sent to your registered email address.


* Benefits of diamond membership (Below only applies to formal diamond member):

  • Birthday cake single order to the value of NZD $70, can enter weekly lucky draw for free (for 52 weeks). Diamond membership is limited to 1000 members.
  • Lucky voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Lotto cake website launches promotional offers from time to time exclusively to diamond members.
  • Lotto cake website members receive promotional product and activity information from time to time, to let you have the latest and first-hand information.
  • Members can manage their own personal information, after logging on, you can enquire recent transaction records, purchase order progress, and electronic wallet point accumulation details.

# Taking part in one-dollar cake lucky draw


Regarding lucky draw regulations,> spending 1 dollar earns a bet, a draw for a birthday cake is held when 100 bets are reached. if the number of bets is not reached for a given week, we will bring forward to the following week, and start lucky draw from 50 bets onwards, when the number of bets is more than 50, we will round it to the nearest 50 or 100. In other words, the diamond member and dollar member combined draw to start birthday cake free draw when the number of bets reaches 100. * A dollar only has a chance in a week, member free draw rule: 1-49 bets shall bring forward to the next week, 50-149 bets will draw for 1 birthday cake, 150-249 bets will draw for 2, and so on. Weekly 1000 draws divide by 100 = 10 winners. This coefficient is rounded to the closest 10.


@ Lucky draw dates: Every Thursday 5 pm, results drawn systematically.

@ Winning notice: When you win the lucky draw, the system will send winning Lucky Cake voucher serial number to your registered email address, valid for 1 year, effective for 365 days from notice date, "Invalid after expiry date please note valid date"


2. Member purchasing procedure

  • Payment method: Online payment (Accept New Zealand credit cards i.e. ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac). Also, accept WeChat and AliPay.
  • Product delivery method: home delivery or local pickup.
  • Product arrival and pickup date: fastest pickup date is the order date + 3 days. The delivery charge varies.

*Any problems please contact us. We will endeavor to try our best to meet your delivery requirements.


3. Notes on placing orders

  • If the purchaser and recipient are different, please state the name and telephone number of recipients. Please cancel the selection of [Recipient and the purchaser are the same person].
  • We do not accept [payment on delivery, please pay at the time of placing order. If the payment is not completed, the order is not accepted, and goods will not be despatched.
  • After payment is made and order is placed, the system will send detailed order information to your registered email address and the customer service will confirm your order within 24 hours by email. If you do not receive an email letter within 24 hours or require a change in order, please email to our customer service email 4 days before the estimated delivery date, the purchase order cannot be changed in less then 4 days.
  • If you require delivery to multiple addresses, please inform us at the time when you place an order, with detailed addresses, delivery dates, quantity, recipient names and telephone numbers.
  • Fruit decoration on a birthday cake might change or differ due to seasonal factors. We guarantee the taste and quality to be consistent with that shown on the website. We reserve the right to have some changes to the appearance.
  • 1 Dollar cake membership lucky draw rules and regulations are mainly based on this notice. We reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of the rules and regulations.
  • The company legal consultant Penny Liu.

4. Delivery charges calculation


[Birthday cake normal temperature, refrigeration, frozen products]


Purchase amount over $50 with $10 Delivery Fee for:

 Wellington CBD


Purchase amount over $50 with $20 Delivery Fee for:

-Upper Hutt

-Porirua Region





Purchase amount over $50 with $15 Delivery Fee for:

-Lower Hutt Region

-Churton Park








# Do not accept orders from the overseas region and delivery service
# Do not accept orders of birthday cakes and low-temperature products from other island regions.


5. Refunds and change of goods

  • Please confirm receipt of goods on the day of delivery, if the goods delivered differ from the purchase order, or there are damage or quality issues, please photograph and email to our customer service or telephone us within 24 hours, our company will arrange to take back goods for exchange, at no cost to the purchaser.
  • Cake products upon consumption or damage will affect the right of exchange, the product to be returned or exchanged must retain complete packaging.
  • Birthday cakes are fresh products, if changes in quality are not due to the temperature control issue in delivery, it will affect the right of goods return.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


6. Privacy Protection

After you have registered to be a member of Lotto Cake Website, to purchase Lottocakes website products and to use Lotto cake website services and to take part in related activities organized by Lotto Cake website, Lottocakes Ltd will collect your personal data, we guarantee we respect your privacy, all member information is solely used for goods order and member service. Without consent from members, we will not pass personal information to parties outside the company, please have peace of mind in shopping with us.

@1 Dollar cake membership lucky draw rules and regulations are mainly based on this notice. We reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of the rules and regulations.

@The company legal consultant Penny Liu.