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We all enjoy eating cakes, but we also love winning. Why not enjoy both at the same?

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We are here to ensure that our customer are enjoying and having fun with the services we provide. Here are a few comment from our customers.
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A Taste to Remember
Like many of its Asian counterparts, Taiwan is a treasure when it comes to food. The pastry is known to be one of the best in Asia. The flavors varies from sweet to salty as well as being rich in flavor. Many are made as snacks where you can eat as you go. While others are popular for breakfast and lunch.

The best way to eat these pastry is with a good cup of tea. Whether it's Oolong, Pu'er or Jasmine Tea. Lotto cake wants to enable the ability for people in New Zealand to experience and enjoy that taste.
Subtly, visually and seemingly delicious are best to describe Lotto Cakes
Birthday is a wonderful celebration for family and friend to enjoy throughout the year, and what is one of the main thing to have in such a lively event? A birthday cake of course!

We love to work with new things everyday, so do not hesitate to send us a picture or description of the cake you want. Please view some of the special cake that we've made from our customer's request.

We strive for taste and creativity
We all have different taste in food or drinks, that why our bakers are hard at work in perfecting the flavor. We aim to satisfy all our customer's request and make them happy and delighted when tasting our cake and pastry.

Some people would want their cake to be sweet and smooth, while other wants it less sweet and creamy.